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  • Dell Dimension Pxxxv FlashBIOS A05

    This file contains a self-extracting diskette image that contains the A05 BIOS and release notes for the Dimension Pxxxv systems. After downloading and extracting, make the diskette by placing a formatted disk in drive A:. Go to a DOS prompt, change to the directory containing the extracted file, ty

  • Gateway Intel "Tigereye" Motherboards BIOS Updates 1.00.08.CY1T

    The BIOS revision 1.00.06.CY1T is the BIOS update for the Intel Tigereye motherboards, which include the following part numbers: MBDSAC032AxWW, MBDSAC033AxWW, MBDSAC035AxWW, MBDSAC036AxWW, and MBDSAC037AxWW. The 1.00.08.CY1T BIOS is released for increased INT13 functionality (relating to bootable CD

  • Gateway Solo BIOS Update 1.12

    Warning: Only load this BIOS on a Solo P5-75, P5-90, P5-100, P5-120, or P5-133. Loading it on any other system will ruin the system. Update your Gateway Solo system with this BIOS update, for use under Windows 95.

  • Gateway Liberty Battery and Shutdown BIOS 1.56

    This file is for Gateway 2000 Liberty and Liberty Enhanced only. This BIOS allows the battery gauge in Windows 95 to properly register with Lithium batteries. This also allows Windows 95's shutdown feature to shut off the computer.

  • Gateway Triton BIOS for Zappa Motherboards 1.00.11.BS0T

    This compressed, self-extracting file will update a Zappa motherboard to the 1.00.11.BS0T level. Do not use this on a motherboard whose system BIOS ends with any other code than .BS0T. When the file has been uncompressed, simply copy to a bootable floppy disk and restart the system. The BIOS should

  • HP Vectra 486N (D26xxA) Flashable BIOS T.04.05

    Create a flashable BIOS master disk for the Vectra 486N.

  • Gateway Neptune Motherboard BIOS Update

    Warning: If your Gateway 2000 computer is updated with the incorrect BIOS, it may render your system unusable. If you're unsure as to which BIOS you need, reboot your system. The BIOS information will be displayed almost immediately. The suffix of the BIOS will indicate which update is correct for y

  • HP Vectra VL 5/xxx 4 Series Flashable BIOS GT.07.23.24

    Download and install the updated BIOS for the Vectra VL4 5/xxx.

  • HP Vectra VL3 5/xx Flashable BIOS GK.05.12

    Download and install the latest flashable BIOS for the Vectra VL3 5/xx.

  • HP Pavilion 7200 Series BIOS Upgrade 1.03.12

    This update corrects issues with Media Rack System Mixer hot keys and the Suspend Mode hot key, and corrects the error where the system mistakenly sees an additional hard drive. This file is a BIOS flash utility for the 1.00.07.dc0L. This patch covers Pavilion models 7270, 7275Z, 7280P, 7285, and 72

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