Coin Master is taking the world by storm. It has been breaking records and getting downloaded more than 100 million times on the Android and IOS platforms also using our website going to save you tons of time http://www.softitem.com/!

It was originally developed by a small team, but then a parent company “Moon Active” took the project and made it real. This game has faced several troubles due to its gambling system and how it might conflict with different ages.

They have tried to modify the gameplay content to make it appropriate for all ages. However, all their attempts failed and the game is only for the +12 players.

Here is a quick list of Key features:

  • Share the joy with your friends
  • Game is free on all devices
  • Attack and raid fellow kings
  • Collect different cards with different strategies

We have enjoyed our time playing this game, and we would love to give it a deep walkthrough for our readers to provide them with the necessary information they need to start their journey and dodge the most common mistakes.

Get Started

You have to choose from 2 login options available and both of them will come with their pros and cons.

  • Facebook
    • Get 50 Free Spins
    • Get 1 Million Free Coins
    • Play with your friends
    • Save Your Progress!
  • Guest
    • You will miss out all the features above
    • Higher privacy level
    • No longer getting friends communication
    • You are anonymous

Welcome To your first village:

Click on the build icon on bottom left corner to start constructing your journey from scratch. Each item you build will give you one star. Collect 20 stars to get to the next village.

Each item you build will give you one star. Collect 20 stars to get to the next village with new features and challenges.

Choose a decent name for your Viking and change the avatar icon to suit your character. However, we do believe that Coin Master will keep you boosted up according to your plans. It will provide you with tons of spins to get various items.

Spinning System In Depth

They didn’t implement any new features to the spinning system. You will earn 5 new spins every 1 hour, it doesn’t even matter whether you were online or offline.

There are various rewards you will get from each spin.

  1. Extra Spins to keep the roll going
  2. Extra Gold to construct your village and upgrade your facilities
  3. Thunder attack to raid and demolish your fellow Vikings
  4. Steal the coin master and take all their money without shedding blood

Those were the main items you will get from the spins so far. However, the Coin MasterReview should allow you to get unlimited number of spins and boost up your progression speed to a whole new level.

It is recommended to spend your spins as fast as possible to allow the regeneration process take place as you are only limited to 50 spins and you are getting 5 spins every 1 hour. However, if your spins count is below 50, then every 1 hour the new spins will be added.

Attacking is a very different process, as it doesn’t take place in real time battle. You are sent automatically to a random enemy from your friends list.

You can always change the targeted enemy, by going through the revenge list or friends list.

Revenge list

  • It is a very smart way to attack back the players attacked you and take the money they stole from you. Remember, that revenge will only lead to more massacres.

Friends list

  • You just select certain enemy from your friends list to attack. They will have the option to revenge the attack and hit you back. Make sure you are not targeting stronger foes…

How Does The Attack System Works?

You are given 4 random highlighted targets to choose from. This will allow you to attack the buildings in the village and each one is graded from highest price to lowest. We are advising you to go for the most expensive facility to deal as much as you can in the attack.

Shields will protect you from the attacks. Each shield will block one attack and you are given three stocks of shields. So the fourth attack will simply penetrate your shields and deal damage to your village.

Revenge within one hour will also ignore any shields you have, that is why it is recommended to attack offline players.

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You should realize that when you get a big number of spins from Coin Master Hack, you should let the spinning mechanism set on auto mode by holding down your thumb on it for 5seconds.

If the attacked target had a shield, then you will receive only 50k of gold.

Moving on to the raiding system. You are given 4 X marks and you need to be lucky enough to target the one that contains all the money. Each X mark has a certain amount of money and it varies…you are given 3 attempts.

Feel free to follow these instructions to earn Free Spins:

  1. Invite friends and get 30 free spin for each friend that joins
  2. Use various invitation methods such as the messenger and WhatsApp
  3. This is completely safe and will not affect your privacy by any means
  4. You will get the reward after your friend connects through Facebook

Make sure that you are spending your money frequently on the village shop. If you keep your money long enough without spending it, then you are standing at a high risk of losing all you money from thieves around you.

Check the leaderboard frequently and see where exactly you standing, as you will go higher in these rankings, the higher your chance of getting attacked frequently will get up.

Also track the achievements section to track down the goals and set new records.

The Ideal Gameplay Optimization System

As we are close to end this review, we must take you through a quick tour in the settings menu to find you the ideal optimization for a perfect gameplay experience.

Here is a list of the most customizable Settings:

  1. Sound and music can be switched on/off according to your preference
  2. Notifications should be turned on if you are a hardcore gamer
  3. Change the gameplay language to your native one, as the game is offering tons of languages

Access the support team if you are experiencing any technical issue. However, if you are still lacking some knowledge about the gameplay, you can always access the tutorial section and walkthrough its process.

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